best makeup for summer by scott cooper miami

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Best Makeup For Summer by Scott Cooper Miami 1Best Makeup For Summer by Scott Cooper Miami 2
  • 3d Fiber Lash Mascara by Mia Adora Review
  • Paraben Free, Non Toxic Wet Magnifying Gel

    Green Tea Micro Lash Extensions

    Free Specially Design Eyelash Comb
  • Animal & Human Cruelty Free

    North American family owned

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  • Mira Adora 3D Fiber's gel glides on your lashes and gives them great length. Your lashes won't look spidery and gel doesn't clump. You apply the fibers, let them set for 30 seconds and then seal with the gel. You only need to do one application to get long full natural looking lashes.
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  • 3TZ-COSMETIX-Borealis-Highlighter-Illuminating
  • Formula Is Wet, Smooth, Soft & Creamy

    Made With Transparent Pigments

    6 Stunning Duo Chromatic Shades
  • Suitable And Flattering On All Skin Tones

    Perfect For Professional Use Or Daily Use

    Can last All Day Long
  • TZ COSMETIX's Aurora Borealis is very pigmented and can be as flashy or suble as you want it to be. Apply wherever you want a pop of duochromatic glow, on the cheeks, the tip of the nose or the cupid’s bow. The pigments are deep shimmering, giving you the ultimate mermaid effect.
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  • Froomer 16 Colors Waterproof
  • Velvet Matte Lip Gloss Lipstick

    Long Lasting And Waterproof

    16 Amazing Colors To Choose From
  • Easy To Remove With Lip Cleansing Oil

    Shades Are Very Pigmented And Smooth

    Does Not Stick On Cup
  • Froomer 16 Colors Waterproof Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick shades are so pigmented and go on so smoothly that is one of our favorite matte formulas. They dry like a matte without drying your lips. Froomer offers very beautiful color lipsticks that last long and smell delicious.
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  • 35 Colors Chunky Eyeshadow Palette
  • Super Creamy, Velvety Soft And Smooth

    Highly Pigmented And Long Lasting Colors

    35 Shades With Pop Colors
  • Create Endless, Cool And Stunning Looks

    Keeps Your Eyeshadow Makeup For A Long Time

    Easy To Layer And Blend
  • You can get a lot looks out of the Beauty Glazed Chunky Eyeshadow Palette. Ingredients are healthy and safe with great quality. The texture is super buttery and extremely blendable. You can apply it on top lip, face, legs and body. The eyeshadows are nice, smooth and gives you a velvety feeling.
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  • Aesthetica-Cosmetics-Contour-Kit-Highlighter
  • Face Shape Diagrams Included With Each Kit

    Products Are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

    Suits All Skin types And Ages
  • Perfect For Professional Or Daily Use

    Step-By-Step Instruction Guide

    Removable And Refillable
  • Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit helps make faces look more chiseled and structured without making your makeup look overly dramatic or thick. It provides an even, flawless tone and helps thin down and soften the face. This kit is perfect for every day makeup application or for special occasions.

How To Make Sure Your Makeup Is Perfect

The global makeup industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. There are thousands of brands and products that you can use for accentuating your eyebrows, lips, eyelashes and more.

However, when it comes to looking good, the makeup product you buy isn’t the only influencing factor. You also need to have a little skill for applying makeup properly. After all, there’s a reason that celebrities hire makeup artists and entire teams to make sure they look perfect all the time. And it’s the same reason that there are so many beauty vloggers and makeup tutorials on YouTube.

You may not be able to achieve those skills instantaneously but remember; practice makes perfect. Here is a simple guide to applying makeup flawlessly.

Step1: Clean your Face

Just like an artist needs a perfect canvas to create a masterpiece, you need to do the same to create the perfect makeup look. This means removing dirt or oil from your face, as well traces of old makeup.

So wash your face, preferably with a face wash or a cleanser that is gentle or pH neutral to keep your skin from drying out or becoming irritated.

For dry skin, use a moisturizing cream cleanser, and for oily skin you should use an oil-based cleanser.

Step 2: Moisturize it

You shouldn’t forget to moisturize your face after washing it. You can use a moisturizer with sunscreen if you have sensitivity to sunlight or if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Oil-free gel moisturizers are great for oily skin and lightweight cream moisturizers work well on dry skin. For those experiencing an acne problem, a moisturizer with salicyclic acid is recommended.

Step 3: Start with a Primer

A primer fills your pores and smoothes out your skin to prepare it for foundation. Simply dab a little primer onto your cheeks, forehead and chin and blend it into your skin with a brush or your fingers. A light pink primer is great for dull skin, while a lilac tinted primer is recommended for those with sallow skin and a green-tinted primer for acne spots and red skin.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

Foundation evens out the skin tone. Just like the way you applied the primer, dab a bit of foundation on your cheeks, forehead and chin and blend it all over your face with a brush. Use a damp beauty sponge to blend it if you are looking for heavier coverage.

You can use mineral foundation as an alternative if you want to use a gentler product.

Make sure to use the right shade of foundation on your face so that it matches your neck and chin color.

Also, use a BB cream to speed up the makeup application as it acts as a moisturizer, primer, SPF and foundation. It can help cover up scars and acne breakouts.

Step 5: Hide Blemishes with Concealer

Acne, red spots and dark circles are not pretty to look at when you’ve put on full makeup, so cover them up with concealer. Make sure to buy one that matches your foundation; buying within the same brand is a good idea. Liquid concealer works well for oily skin, while a stick concealer is recommended for those with dry skin. A makeup brush, fingertips or a q-tip can be used to blend concealer.

Step 6: Apply Translucent Setting Powder

This powder will help lock in your foundation and soak up excess oil produced by your skin. Apply a thin layer over your face with a large makeup brush. Make sure you cover the areas around the eyes and mouth to avoid any cakey build up.

Step 7: Enhance Your Eyebrows

If you have thin eyebrows, you may need to enhance them to make them stand out. An eyebrow pencil is your best friend. Choose one that matches your hair color and make small dash-like strokes to create small hairs on your skin. Buying an eyebrow kit is the best thing for this.

Step 8: Blush up

Use a brush to apply blush to your cheeks and use long, smooth motions for this. Make sure you create a natural glow by blurring the edges of the blush. A pink or a peach blush is great for fair skin and apricot and mauve blush is recommended for medium skin tone.

You can contour your face too to subtly alter its shape. Check out tutorials about face contouring online. You can also use a bronzer for a more sun kissed tone for your cheeks. Select one which is a few shades darker than your skin tone. Also, to enhance other features of your face, use a highlighting powder.

Step 9: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara

Dark colors usually work best when it comes to eyeshadow as they create a dramatic look. For example, pinks and corals for blue eyes, maroon and apricot for green eyes and bold purples for brown eyes. Make sure that you buy quality eye makeup products that can last throughout the day.

While a good eyeliner can enhance your eyes and makes them pop out, mascara can thicken your eyelashes. You can even get creative and draw cat eyes. A bright turquoise or gold eyeliner can add a dash of color to your overall look.

To apply mascara, look forward but lean your head back. Use a wand to apply mascara near the base of the eyelashes. Draw the wand upwards to coat them entirely. Dark brown mascara works best for a natural look and carbon black mascara works for bold looks (or just apply another coat).

Step 10: Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Lipsticks add a pop of color to lips. In addition, lip gloss adds shine to them. If you’re not an expert at applying lipstick, use a lip pencil to define the outer boundaries of your lips. To avoid getting your lipstick on your teeth, gently suck on your index finger toremove it from the inside of your mouth.

Finally, apply a setting spray to hold your makeup longer.