Scott Cooper Miami on Trumps National Address on Immigration

Scott Cooper Miami on Trumps National Address on Immigration 1

Scott Cooper Miami knows that immigration is a hot button topic, especially in Miami, where immigration policies have always been strong. Although Trump will be focusing on the state of affairs in the southwest, where he always had a staunch opinion that there is a national security crisis, Miami will undeniably be effected by the policies outlined in Trumps National Address on Immigration.

Illegal immigration has recently surfaced again as a topic both on the national and local levels. Off the coast of Miami, the coast guard recently stopped an attempt to illegally immigrate. The journey of about 70 Haitian migrants trying to reach the United States was cut short Sunday after U.S. and Haitian Coast Guard crews stopped a 40-foot boat in the Caribbean. Officials said nearly six dozen migrants were on the voyage. Their freighter was halted 26 miles north of Cap Haïtien at about 1:30 a.m. The U.S. Coast Guard said it “launched a smallboat crew to question the people aboard. Upon detection, the freighter changed course back south to Haiti.” That’s when the U.S. Coast Guard continued to shadow the vessel and contacted the Haitian Coast Guard, which arrived at about 9:30 a.m. to relieve U.S. officials.

Its stories like this that prompt discussion about immigration policy, and Scott Cooper Miami is looking forward to the outcome of the debate.

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