Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cancelled

Scott Cooper Miami Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Cancelled

Victoria’s Secret – Is It The End of an Era?

W reported that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018 show hit a record low in viewership with a 0.9 rating within the the target demo of viewers between 18 and 49 years of age,with a total audience of 3.27 million.In 2017, the show had a 1.5 in the demographic and 4.98 million total viewers.

Victoria Secret Miami

The Wall Street Journal reported a few months ago that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wouldn’t be televised this year as the brand changed focus and were looking for alternatives to promote the brand.

Representatives for Victoria Secret aren’t talking but this has been a troubling time for the brand.

Adriana Lima recently announced that she was leaving Victoria’s Secret after almost 20 years.  Adriana Lima Ocean Drive Miami

did you know that smoking hot Adriana Lima really wanted to be a nun?

Adriana Lima Ocean Drive Miami


And did you hear about
Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to Victoria’s Secret?

The Hits Just Keep On Coming…


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